Lent Fish Fry

A nice get together for all families in the community is a Fish Fry. KofC Sacred Heart 8012 is always proud to sponsor this event and we hold it every year in St Theresa's Parish Hall.


During the Lent Season on Friday's brother Knights get together to host this event. 200+ families show up to be treated with this yummy fish. The fish fry helps fellow Catholic families to practice their faith during the Lent Season to be absent from meat.


For a very affordable price, families can come in and enjoy. It’s not about just the fish. With all the families coming in to sit down and eat, it is a great way for the community to get together and evangelize about their faith, talk about things or even meet new friends..

Brother Knights enjoy this time of year. Seeing the smiling faces of the families and being able to serve together makes this event so enjoyable.


This year for 2016, a huge payoff was inevitable. This one event we were able to donate over $6,600 to our parish of St Theresa's.


One nice thing about this is we are able to help our Church with this incredible donation and be able to evangelize and connect with the community together as Knights!!!

Written by Chris Romero, April 25, 2016

Pictures by: Chris Romero

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