November 2015 Chaplain Message

As Pope Francis ends His Pastoral Visit to United States, now we begin the real work fulfilling our mission as followers of Christ. A beautiful song once I heard at a Grammy awards, “like the legend of the phoenix, all ends are beginnings. What keeps the world spinning, the force of new beginnings.” (Pharrell Williams) I could never ask for more. The media frenzy contributed tremendous evangelization opportunities covering the visit of our supreme Pontiff. I have never been so glued to the television the way I was compelled during his visit. It was a solid proclamation from all walks and necessities in our Christian world. I just hope our community will be able to fire up our energies acting on the challenges posted to us by the Holy Father before they fade away again in memories. Standing out from the Holy Father's address was the pointed responsibility and importance of the Dignity of Human Life, Marriage, Family Life, integrated with our spiritual and social responsibilities. Our super energized shepherd never showed any sign of exhaustion. If the Holy Father can do the job of Christ in his miraculous, current age, shouldn’t we pick up the work, and complete it to fulfill the mission? May our council 8012 provide not just good memories and souvenirs of the pope’s visit, but also find the right attitude and confidence tto God's growing faith.


Fr. David

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