December 2015 Chaplain Message

CALLED TO BE A KNIGHT As the calendar year ends, a new beginning dawns. One step closer we are back to Advent season preparing ourselves for the colorful promises and fulfillment of Christmas. I can no longer contain, to my amazement the transformation of our council. I thank God for virtuously seeing it. Members are encouraged, participation has increased a bit, may not be as perfect as expected, yet, a genuine sense of belongingness and inclusiveness started to shape up. It’s beautiful to experience that sometimes we have to spiritually die everyday in sacrifice and perseverance in order to capture the true sense of our mission. This is how we will be measured in the years ahead, how to be brave and unafraid to grow in faith and hope. May we continue to live in Love and in serving God In his beloved people. We can always be one step closer to of our sacred duty to proclaim the essence of the Knights of Columbus by our words and actions, as we invite men of goodwill to join us in proclaiming the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and King. Fr David Vivero Chaplain

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