December 2015 Grand knight message

Well Gentlemen and Ladies summer is gone and here is fall. We did great so far this year, helping the food pantry and community. We have given another 45 coats (hoodies) to children, that means 115 children in the area now have a warm hoodie and 20 children in the Pan Handle. This is the time that families start getting together. Remember to Love One Another, Family Is First. Words or actions from others can hurt so much, but after careful consideration you only hurt yourself, by not forgiving. Our Membership Drive went well, we had a good amount asking questions and now we have new members. We also got a couple of transfers. Speaking at each Mass was a Really Great Time so many new faces that came up to me asking questions. I answered a lot for us of our works. Let’s try to keep it going, more new members would be great, then we can be a Star Council. Remember this everyone. Count your blessings, give thanks for the people around you, acknowledge all that you have learned in life, and be grateful for the person you are and those around you. Merry Christmas!!!



Larry Fusco

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