June 2016 Grand Knight Message

Worthy Knights and Ladies The passing of a loved ones brings pain unlike any other. But, God is still there in moments of darkness. Throughout our lives, we meet people who make a profound impression on us through their actions and personal examples. Living from the spirit of Christ within, We Too, can be role models for others. Jesus said "Do to others as you would have them do to you." By following this advice, we set a powerful example for our own children and every person with whom we come in contact each day. In God's loving embrace, we find comfort and peace in all we do daily. When we follow the Golden Rule and rely on God's spirit, we become role models of God's love. There are many hardships that we all go through, some harder than others, but with Jesus's Love we can always pull through. Just look that the sky at dawn, it changes from darkness to russet orange to cobalt blue. That is the joy of a new day, we breathe in the stillness and beauty of this present moment. We relax in quiet and give thanks for the opportunities this day has to share. Thank you for sharing each day with me.

Vivat Jesus

Your Grand Knight, Larry Fusco

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