July 2016 Grandknight Message

Worthy Knight's and Ladies, Well Summer's here Temps in the 90's some of us have Grandchildren visiting for a few days or week. Time for FUN.

Father's Day was this past weekend, so I hope all Fathers and Grandfathers had a great day.

Most of us aspire to live in a peaceful, loving world and to leave the world a better place for generations to come. Fathers, and those who spend time around children, have an influential role in making this happen. Things that have happened over the past few weeks is not what we wish our young to see and have to live around. We as fathers need to let children know that what has been going on is not right.

I give thanks to those paternal figures in my life, those who have help guide me with encouraging words and actions. My Grandfathers, Father, Uncle's and yes older Cousins that showed me how to be a loving and caring man. And yes even my Drill Instructors in Boot Camp taught me that leading a clean life is what makes us all strong and caring human beings. I bless all fathers and all in similar roles, for strength of mind and peace of heart. May they and all of us always know and reflect the love of God in all that we think, say and do.

When I pray for families, friends and the world, I do not plead with God for positive outcomes. Instead I become relaxed and still. I center on God's infinite goodness, love and wisdom, to help me and the world do better. I trust that God's almighty power is at work in every situation Have a Beautiful Time All.

Vivat Jesus!!

Larry Fusco

Your Grand Knight

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