August 2016 Grand Knight Message

Worthy Knights and Ladies, This month my message is different, it is from my heart on how our country is. We need to recognize God's Presence in Our Lives as Peace, Love and Guidance. I struggle each day with the difficult situation we are living in. I have many friends of different races. I grew up that color or race or religion was all equal in this world. I grew up knowing that someday, like my father and godfather, I would serve my country and I did. Some people know what I was in the US Navy and what I was trained to do.

I was never taught to hate another human being. I was taught that we are all equal. I was taught that ALL LIVES MATTER. In My Training in Military we were all equal. I am sorry if I offend anyone with what I say. But last night when I heard Marcus speak it made me realize that something is truly wrong in this country, this world we all live in.

I remembered my father saying There but for the Grace of God Go I. Living in a state of grace is living in an awareness that God's compassion and blessings are Ours Always and Forever. Grace is much like gravity, it is always there in effect in our lives. And similar to grace is law, it is spiritual law that supports us.

We experience tranquility and peace when we remember God's grace provides for us with all we need. We are loved unconditionally and blessed way beyond measure, thanks to God's grace on all mankind. I was trained that if someone I love is being harmed, I am to do all I can to protect them. And Right Now I Feel That as a Catholic Gentlemen and a Knight (a Grand Knight) I am supposed to do whatever it takes to protect All Those I Love and Care For. You See I Was Raised and Taught That All Life Matters.

In this month's message, because I can't be personally there for all of you I Love and Care For. I will Ask God To Protect You From Harm, Give All The Grace That You Need To Survive and, If By Chance You Need Someone Like Me, May That someone Be There To Protect You. " Remember There But For The Grace Of God Go I " I Love and Care For You All In Someway

Larry Fusco

Your Grand Knight

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