Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

Local Knights of Columbus Ask Students to Show How to Keep Christ in Christmas. Youngsters will take part in K of C’s international competition. Knights of Columbus Sacred Heart 8012 is inviting the City of Belleview and surrounding area’s boys and girls, ages 5 through 14, to participate in the organization’s international Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest. “By engaging the creative talents and imaginations of or our young people, we hope they will come to a deeper understanding of the true, spiritual meaning of Christmas,” said Council 8012’s Grand Knight, Larry Fusco.

The contest will be conducted locally with winning entries advancing to the district/region and then to state, national, and international levels. The winning entries will serve as the basis for a series of new Christmas posters that encourage a deeper understanding of the holiday. The posters will be distributed in the countries where the Knights are active as part of our Keep Christ in Christmas campaign. Creative credit will also be given to the winning artists.

Posters must be submitted to : K of C Sacred Heart Council 8012’s Chris Romero or David Pistarelli, after each weekend Mass, at St. Theresa Catholic Church, by Dec 10th-11th, 2016. Contact info: 352-497-0940 or

Posters will be displayed at St. Theresa’s Parish Hall on December 17th—18th, after each mass. There will be donations accepted during this time of a monetary value or of non-perishable goods. All donations are for our Food for Families and will be donated to the Soup Kitchen at St Theresa Catholic Church. Thank you.

In a society where Christmas has become for many - especially children - a secular holiday. To combat this, the Knights of Columbus has introduced the Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest. This program - similar to the Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest - will allow young people to engage their creative talents and imaginations while understanding the true, spiritual meaning of Christmas. Entries in the Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster contest must include a slogan reflecting the topic and an original visual image.


The Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest is open to all young people between the ages of 5 and 14.


Contest entrants compete in one of three age groups—ages 5 through 7, ages 8 through 10, and 11 through 14. Some schools may have different age brackets for their elementary and middle schools. In these cases it may be appropriate to group students by grade rather than age.


  • Poster must reflect the theme of Keep Christ in Christmas.

  • Each poster should be the original work (including concept, layout, slogan and any visual images).

  • Poster must be approximately 11x17 inches in size.

  • If pastels, chalk or charcoal are used the poster must be laminated or covered with clear plastic.

  • Each poster must be submitted with the Knights of Columbus "Keep Christ in Christmas"


  • Slogan-30 points: How clearly is the theme presented?

  • Visuals-30 points: How well do the visuals convey the message?

  • Overall Impact-40 points: How effective was the poster in capturing your attention and causing you to reflect on the topic at hand?

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