November 2016 Grand knight Message

Worthy Knights and Ladies I pray that this message finds you all in good health. Daily, now a days, I find I read a part of the Bible in the morning before I start my day (like about 4am). In Faith, I affirm that all things are working together for the good of all of us. And Serenity I seek in the presence of God within us all. In my short meditation and prayer, my awareness of our oneness with God is heightened and I am brought back to peace. I think in psalms “Be still, and know I am with you from God". With all that is going on in our world, Faith in God and His Serenity for us should have us all Praying for His guidance in the next weeks to come. Our Pope says we should all pray that the right outcome happens each day of our lives. The world is at war all over the place, we should continue to pray for those in harm's way. Please that includes our soldiers that are fighting in different countries, our first responders police and fire. They are here to help keep us safe, so we should pray for them often. Where the world see hatred, I try to see love. In place of division, I try to see unity. And where there is lack, I try to see abundance. We as Knights are here for our Parish, our community, our families and for those who need. There are so many things that our Pope asks of us all that we should listen with our hearts not our thick heads. I have faith that God will guide us all in the right direction and help us with serenity so that our hands and feet my bring God's peace in all the world. Because you will get this before Thanksgiving, I WISH ALL MY KNIGHTS AND FAMILIES A HAPPY THANKSGIVING. May God Bless You All and The Blessing That You Will Share. Vivat Jesus, Larry Fusco

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