Dec 2016 Grand knight Message

Worthy Knights and Ladies, Well THANKSGIVING is here, I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and loved ones. It is the time of year for thanks and love. Thankful for another year of life on our great earth and being alive to love those around you. For some of us it has been hard and for those who have lost a loved one or someone special in your life “May you feel the love they had for you forever from above." This year we should all pray for our country and everyone. We now have so many reasons to have hope and change, we need calm in this world of ours. We have men and women fighting for the freedom of others and for us all. We should pray for everyone, no matter how we may feel about someone, we are KNIGHTS OF THE CHURCH and we are to show LOVE and CARE for all. Faith in the Higher Power reassures us mind, body and spirit. As the spirit of God surrounds us, we remember that we are God's beloved children. We should welcome God's guidance and inspiration into our life. When we BREATHE IN and BREATHE OUT, we should concentrate on the beauty of God's Spirit in us all. We are renewed in mind and spirit, and we should thank God for wisdom and understanding we all need to make the right decisions in our life. Align our thoughts with God, and we are renewed. Some of us forget that not everyone is perfect in all that we do. I am not perfect in all I do, but I try and ask God to help me be better each day. For those who think they know it all, guess what you don't. We should all try to be THANKFUL for those around us because, without them we are not better. Christmas Season is now upon us, It is a time of forgiving, for loving and for a new start in all we do. None of us will be around forever, so let’s remember only with God's Forgiving Grace can we be with those we love in Heaven with God."MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL" May you receive GOD'S Blessing at This Time of Year and All Thought The Coming Year. Love To You All and I am Thankful For All Of You In My Life. And HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR To You All

GOD BLESS AMERICA Vivat Jesus Your Grand Knight Larry Fusco

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