Grand Knight Jan 2017 Message

Well Knights and Ladies, Another year has gone by and it looks like there will be a lot of changes. Christmas is only a couple of days away as I write this so, “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. Yesterday I had a Great Conversation with Father David, before we started collecting money and food for the Food Pantry. He stated something to me that we should all think about. Words have power, so I try to select mine with care. When we find ourselves in a situation where there is contention or discord, I try to center myself before entering into the conversation. It is what he said to me as we spoke about things that are on my mind. We are a Catholic Group of Men and we should remember that in all we do and say. Every positive thought, every optimistic statement, every constructive activity we take part in contributes blessings of peace and goodwill in all that we do. We have done a lot this year. We have youth programs going that Father David asked about last year, now we have them. We have our first Soccer Challenge and our first Christmas Poster Contest. We had 15 posters that parishioner's voted on, and I think it was great for first time. It would have been nicer if more Knights showed up, to help collecting food and money. The four of us did very good, with some help from a young lady with a million dollar smile. (Thank You Natalie Smith) The year is not over for us yet, we still have programs to do. Basketball Shoot Out on January 8th, 2pm. Tootsie Roll Drive on January 21st and 22nd. Contact me so some of you can help. Chris and Don can use help. Then we have Lent where we will have the 40 day food drive and Serve Fish Diner to those who come to the hall on Fridays. Remember PEACE in the world begins with each one of us. Peace in our hearts, harmony in our words, and goodwill in our intentions. And may I say I am Proud To Be Your Grand Knight. God Bless You All God Bless America Larry Fusco

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