Chaplain Jan 2017 Message

He Is Either A Fraud, A Fool, Or The Real One! John the Baptist did send his investigator to ask Jesus..."Are you for real or should we look for another?" Lead singer Bono, from U2, in his album "And I still haven't found what I've been looking for?" later on commented, "Billions of people follow his teachings and examples, transformed and inspire people from all walks of life, even given up their lives to die for him...He is Real!" Bono must have found him already. Teachings and writings, examples, experiences, and encounters not just in faith but history books, No matter how we forget, ignore, reject, condemn, put to death, and bury Him. Facts, faith, and all the fundamentals of life speak of Jesus's yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Is it true that science can only answer the how, the where, and the when and will never find out the WHY, AND THE WHO? Since only the Creator knows His creation, His purpose WHY and WHO did it all belongs to OUR ONE TRUE GOD. Who is Jesus for you? Why does He keep on doing all these? Better find out and be prepared for the answer is the only reason Why. LOVE Fr. David Vivero

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