Grand Knight Message Feb 2017

Worthy Knights and Ladies, It seems like the days just fly by. We are now in a New Year 2017, and new beginnings. I was thinking (Don’t Laugh) how we are all unique. Each of us are a congregation of inert elements of a physical universe. We are unique, a cluster of elements, able to walk and talk and dance and sing and think and love and contemplate our place, in God's Great Universe. Each of us brings our own unique perspectives, talents and contributions to our place in this universe. When we meet new people, we should honor the spiritual kinship by recognizing their distinctive traits, interests and abilities. No matter who they are and what position they hold in this universe, God's wants us to work together for the better. At times there is so much joy in me when I meet new people and try to see what we could have in common. Sometimes it is hard to see, but we should always try to look harder, so there can be a chance. The bad part of life is that there seems to be so much hate and no trust in what could be good. Whatever the day brings, we have the ability to approach it with a spirit of happiness and peace. Even in the most challenging situations, we have the ability, the option and capacity to respond with lightness in our hearts and an opening way of acceptance. Remember this, " God So Loved Us, That He Gave He Son Only Son for Us" Let’s try to do Better this year and in life together. We only get one go around, we don't get do overs. When it is our time to meet our God lets be able to do it with Love for each other.

Larry Fusco

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