Chaplain Report Dec 2017

THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori has an article for the month of November entitled “For the good of the Order.” He wrote “this is the time that is reserved for participants to offer comments or observations about the organization and its work. It is also the time set aside for disciplinary matters involving fellow members of the Knights of Columbus.” He thought of the order founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney envisioning its growth not just governance but above all in concrete service for its members, their families, the Church, and communities all over the world. Imagine the Knights of Columbus and all that it does in service of others, and each would ask, “How can I promote the good of the Order?” Surely it will not be limited to ideas and discussions that is present in each councils nor it is based on debates and contest of wills reduced merely to each individual opinion. “Rather, it is an organization rooted in charity, which expresses itself in genuine unity of mind and heart and in a brotherhood of service. In fact, our ability to do great good for our members, our Church and our world depends on our willingness to preserve and strengthen this solidarity.” How can we experience this solidarity? Our Solidarity in Christ will be expressed in our planning implementations, nourished and strengthened with collaboration and collegiality with our parish community beginning with our members and co partners in the Lord’s vineyard. Let us look back as we end our liturgical year with a lesson and promising hope as we begin the new season of Advent. I have confidence to the continued dedication and leadership of its members but the reality of the principles Faith, Hope, and Service is yet to be achieve with perseverance, forgiveness, and healing. WE CAN OVERCOME DISAGREEMENTS THROUGH, AND FOR THE SAKE OF, OUR SHARED CHARITY, UNITY AND FRATERNITY. FR. DAVID VIVERO

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