St Theresa Dedication

Knights of Columbus presents itself as a visible organization within the Catholic Church. KofC Sacred heart 8012 and Assemblies throughout Marion County did just that. On April 5th 2016, St Theresa's Catholic Church was ready for their long awaited dedication of their new Church. KofC stepped up and helped with many aspects of the dedication.


Our 4th Degree Color Guards presiding in 30 + for a massive entrance for Bishop Noonan of the Orlando Diocese at the start of the beautiful ceremony. The assemblies of Marion County coming together for the dedication of the church shows the UNITY of the Knights of Columbus. As the "visible arm" of the Knights of Columbus it was a nice showing for the parishioners of the church for a once in a lifetime experience that our parish may not see in our lifetimes.  

Knights of Columbus Sacred Heart 8012 Knights showed their presence in other forms as well. Alter serving is very important in a mass to help with the needs of the pastor or Bishop. Two of our Knights had the opportunity to serve this special mass for us. As you can see on the Left a fellow knight Ron Ciampi was lighting the candles throughout the church right before the lights were turned on for the final steps of the dedication.


Capturing the special moments Council 8012 provided one of their own Knights to take pictures of the dedication as well.


Even with the Color Guards, Alter Serving and photography, many Knights from Council 8012 participated in the mass as a parishioner witnessing this special ritual.



In the center of the church on the Alter you will find a gorgeous golden tabernacle where our Messiah resides. KofC 8012 can be proud every time they come to mass knowing their hard work helped pay for this as well as donating over $11,000 for stained glass windows to keep the Florida sun rays from heating up the church

It was a very special moment and as a Council member I am PROUD to be with a great organization and family known as Sacred Heart 8012 who stepped up for this dedication of a lifetime for our faith, parish and our Community to have a beautiful new place to worship.

Written by: Chris Romero

Photographs provided by Chris Romero and the Diocese of Orlando

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