Citizens with Disabilities Campaign (Tootsie Roll Drive)

Saint Paul teaches that when one member of the Body of Christ suffers, we all suffer. Perhaps the most visible annual event of the charitable activates of the Knights of Columbus is the Citizens with Disabilities Campaign. Affectionately known as the Tootsie Roll Drive for the Tootsie Rolls® it hands out. The Citizens with Disabilities Campaign aims to collect donation to help those individuals with intellectual disabilities amongst us. Conducted between the beginning of February and the last week of April, the donations collected during the Citizens with Disabilities Campaign support individuals and programs around the State of Florida, the Bahamas and St. Lucia. In 2005-2006 the Citizens with Disabilities Campaign collected and distributed $700,000 to hundreds of programs throughout the State of Florida.

Sacred Heart Council 8012 Knights of Columbus is having a drive to raise money for people with Intellectual Disabilities (Tootsie Roll Program). Each year K of C Councils hand out Tootsie Rolls at various participating local stores for donations which in turn go to nonprofit organizations that help people of all ages with their disability. The Tootsie Roll Program for Council 8012 will be held on January 9th & 10th at all Masses. Participating locations will also be Market of Marion on Jan 9th and CVS, Publix and Winn-Dixie on Jan 9 & Jan 16th.


For information about locations and times call:


Dick Szyper, Chairman, 352-307-5472


Don LaClair, Co-Chairman, 352-445-4231 OR


Refer to our Calendar for each POI

"For everything is from you, and we only give you what we have received from you." (1 Chronicles 29:14)



On December 12, 2000 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a letter of determination stating that Florida K of C Charities, Inc. was recognized as a public charity exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


In 2006 Florida K of C Charities, Inc. was officially reorganized to include the three charitable funds supported by the Florida Jurisdiction: Campaign for Citizens with Disabilities Fund (formerly the Handicapped Fund), Vocations Fund and the Helping Life Fund. With these funds now under the Florida K of C Charities, Inc. umbrella, we as Knights of Columbus, other individual donors and businesses benefit from the tax exempt status granted to all donations, thus making it easier to solicits donations.

Mission Statement 

To support Life, Vocations and the Disabled, keeping with the theme "I am my brother's keeper" and following the Catholic teaching "from conception to natural death," furthering the mission of Hope.


How do we accomplish the goals of our mission statement? 

Florida K of C Charities, Inc. identifies and cultivates potential donors and solicits and administers gifts to agencies which support citizens with disabilities, families in need, unwed mother, senior citizens and life from conception to natural death. Additionally, we support those individuals who seek to serve their communities in the service of our Lord and God as priest and religious advocates. By its charter, this corporation exists solely to further the charitable mission of the Knights of Columbus of the Florida Jurisdiction.


When are you being an effective Steward? 

It is no small thing that "Charity" is the first of the four principles of which our Order was built. A question every Knight must answer is how he can best share the blessing God has given him, for the Father will surely ask him to account for those blessing someday.

You being a good steward of those blessings, when you are willing to share your time, talent and treasure with your church and for the benefit of the less fortunate, you are than living the stewardship that Jesus Christ calls us to perform. By making sure your donations address important issues and are will used, you show yourself to be an efficient and effective steward of God's generosity. By giving to Florida KofC Charities, Inc. (or any charity) you will always know that the blessing you are returning to God will be will used to do "his work on earth." That is truly the mark of a good steward.

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